Emergency Medicine Pharmacy

ACCP/ASHP exam preparation material for the Board Certified Emergency Medicine Pharmacist® (BCEMP) exam

Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Specialty Review Course-ONLINE

The online/home study course includes the review course and practice exam | Content Preview

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Practice Exam - ONLINE

An online compilation of practice questions; download the correct answer, link to the reference source, and domains, tasks, and knowledge statements. Take the practice exam as many times as you need. Content Preview

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Developing Effective Test-Taking Skills Webinar-LIVE AND ONLINE

Give yourself an edge in test preparation. This live webinar will present strategies for answering standardized questions more accurately. You’ll learn to spot common problems in test-taking that may be hurting your performance. And you’ll learn to assess your testing performance to improve accuracy, pacing, and endurance. 

LIVE: Registration is open for the live event on June 15, 2022 

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ONLINE: 2021 online audio recording | Content Preview

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