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Recertification Extensions Due to COVID-19

In order to accommodate our learners during unprecedented times, the following recertification assessment expiration dates have been extended.

Activities are listed by expiration date.
Specialty Activity Code Original Expiration Extended Expiration
Oncology Pharmacy Webinar 2 L199207 04/14/20 06/09/20
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Literature Study, Module 1 L199143 04/21/20 06/16/20
Geriatric Pharmacy Specialty Selected Readings L199205 04/21/20 06/16/20
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy ACSAP: Book 3 L199340 05/15/20 07/10/20
Cardiology Pharmacy CardSAP: Book 2 L199354 05/15/20 07/10/20
Infectious Diseases Pharmacy IDSAP: Book 2 L199358 05/15/20 07/10/20
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy BCACP Clinical Sessions L199345 06/17/20 08/11/20
Geriatric Pharmacy BCGP Clinical Sessions L199347 06/17/20 08/11/20
Oncology Pharmacy BCOP Clinical Sessions L199350 06/17/20 08/11/20
Oncology Pharmacy Home Study Syllabus: 1 L209128  09/08/20 11/03/20
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy ACSAP: Book 1 L209125 09/15/20 11/10/20

Download the full list of activities and new expiration dates.